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e-Science 2008 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science

Workshops & Special Sessions

SWBES08: Challenging Issues in Workflow Applications

Where Experimental Work Flows

Presenters and Authors
  • David de Roure

The myExperiment social web site and virtual research environment currently supports a community of some 1200 registered users, many sharing the in silico scientific workflows of Taverna. The last year has seen significant growth in both the user and developer communities, with new interfaces being developed over myExperiment's RESTful API including Facebook and Android. Meanwhile myExperiment itself has been extended to support other workflow systems, new forms of shared research object including experimental plans and scripts, and to integrate with service monitoring and cataloguing capabilities. This talk will report on experiences, lessons learnt and future directions as myExperiment evolves into a platform for the e-laboratory and open science.

Date and Time

Wednesday, December 10, 1–1:30 p.m.

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