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e-Science 2008 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science

Workshops & Special Sessions

Advances in High-Performance E-Science Middleware and Applications


  • Robert van Engelen, Florida State University, USA
  • Madhu Govindaraju, SUNY Binghamton, USA
  • Massimo Cafaro, University of Salento, Italy


The Workshop on Advances in High-Performance E-Science Middleware and Applications is an international forum which brings together researchers and practitioners working on different high-performance aspects of web/grid services, middleware and technologies that enable e-science applications. The enabling middleware technologies include tools to assemble together different resources such as parallel supercomputers, data archives, high-speed storage systems, advanced visualization devices and scientific instruments using high speed networks connecting geographically distributed devices and organizations. Many recent international efforts are actively fostering the development of e-science technologies and solutions. The Workshop will allow exchanging ideas and results related to on-going e-science computing research, focusing on high-performance aspects of e-science middleware and applications.

Date and Time

Thursday, December 11, 1–5 p.m.


Session 1—Chair: Robert van Engelen
1–1:30 p.m.
Parallel Multidimensional Scaling Performance on Multicore Systems
Seung-Hee Bae
1:30–2 p.m.
Analysis of Cache Performance for Processing XML-based Application Data on Multi-core Processors
Rajdeep Bhowmik and Madhusudhan Govindaraju
2–2:15 p.m.
Session 2—Chair: Madhusudhan Govindaraju
2:15–2:45 p.m.
DAGDA: Data Arrangement for the Grid and Distributed Applications
Gael Le Mahec, Eddy Caron, and Frédéric Desprez
2:45–3:15 p.m.
Coordinated Co-allocation Scheduling on Heterogeneous Clusters of SMPs
Ivan Rodero and Julita Corbalan
3:15–3:30 p.m.
Session 3—Chair: Massimo Cafaro
3:30–4 p.m.
Resource Availability Prediction for Improved Grid Scheduling
Brent Rood and Michael J. Lewis
4–4:30 p.m.
An Adaptive XML Parser for Developing High-Performance Web Services
Wei Zhang and Robert van Engelen

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