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e-Science 2008 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science

Exhibits, Demos & Posters

Concrete Partial Evaluation in Ruby


  • Andrew Keep, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University
  • Arun Chauhan, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University


Software tools have become a central part of the scientific researchers’ toolbox, but developing them can prove a distraction from the central focus of a research team’s investigation.¬†Dynamic languages, like Ruby, can provide an easy platform for rapid development and deployment of software that can be easily shared through SOAP, REST, or even RPC-style API interfaces with fellow researchers across the globe. In this extended abstract we present progress in addressing one of Ruby’s biggest shortcomings, performance.¬†Our technique uses compiler analysis of Ruby’s C-based interpreter and core libraries in order to provide a basis for partial evaluation. The partial evaluator makes use of the results of this analysis along with a running Ruby session in order to evaluate more complex expressions than could normally be handled by traditional partial evaluation techniques, while ensuring that “unsafe”¬†expressions are left for evaluation during runtime.

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