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e-Science 2008 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science

Exhibits, Demos & Posters

OGSA-DAI: Middleware for Data Integration—Selected Applications


  • Alistair Grant, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
  • Mario Antonioletti, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
  • Alistair C. Hume, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
  • Bartosz Dobrzelecki, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
  • Malcolm P. Atkinson, National e-Science Centre
  • Michael J. Jackson, National e-Science Centre
  • Mark Parsons, National e-Science Centre


In modern distributed computing, vast amounts of data are stored in many different formats, employing different storage solutions. Much of modern research involves analyzing data arising from experiments and simulations held in existing repositories often owned by different organizations and partners. With online storage and provisioning, sharing data has become a key part of modern research in science and humanities fields. As data can be distributed across multiple geographical locations, use different formats and access mechanisms, a solution to facilitate data sharing to enable researchers and developers whilst also satisfying the requirements of the data providers would be advantageous.

OGSA-DAI 3.0 is such a middleware software solution. It provides application developers with the means to access data distributed across multiple platforms with different native access mechanisms. 

Data integration can take place at the server and deliver results using a variety of protocols and mechanisms within OGSA-DAI. It accomplishes this by using a highly flexible and extensible framework which can accommodate different types of data resources, such as XML databases, relational databases or files, different operations such as transformation to different formats, selection, or filter operations. The framework can be extended by a developer to provide customized functionality for project specific tasks while using generic functions for common tasks such as database querying. This poster will present an overview of OGSA-DAI and how it tackles data access and integration through a set of example use cases.

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