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e-Science 2008 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science

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Network and Physical Upgrade of EV Wilkins Computing Center To Support a 600 Node Grid Used with Remote Sensing of SAR Polar DATA


  • Sharonda Walton, Elizabeth City State University
  • Kuchumbi Hayden, Elizabeth City State University


Polar Grid is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) funded partnership of Indiana University and Elizabeth City State University. The partnership goal is to acquire and deploy the computing infrastructure needed to investigate the urgent problems in glacial melting. This poster will detail the work involved in preparing the EV Wilkins computer center to support a 100 node grid, server and lab. This grid system will be connected to the TeraGrid. The Information Technology team is laying out the environment needed to house the Grid network system. EV Wilkins will require renovations and other upgrades. The process has been laid out in four phases: Conception and Selection, Planning and Initiation, Execution and Approval, and the final phase Delivery and Closeout. This poster will detail our conception and selection, along with the initiation and planning phase.

We are currently in the Planning and Initiation phase. The current items under consideration are network configuration and Web-based access and security. The poster will model the different strategic phases with the encompassing the future ability to expand the grid in its current location. ECSU Grid network will entered into full production mode by July 2009 with the ability to provide a coordinated set of services for the science and engineering community.

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